A stressful life wreaks havoc on our bodies. Busy schedules and long work hours build tension and stress and our body pay the consequence. The constant production of stress hormones cause pain and even digestive problems or sleeplessness. A Swedish Massage can take those problems away by changing your brain chemistry, relieving your stress, and lightening your mood.

Swedish Massage is the best known-type of massage and bodywork. The main goal of Swedish Massage is to relax the entire body from head to toe by rubbing muscles and promoting healthy blood flow. The soothing atmosphere is perfect at the beginning of your day for a fresh start or to treat yourself after a long day. Take comfort in a relaxing environment while your therapist uses various techniques to massage your stress away.

The Swedish Massage involves many different types of strokes that include soft, long, and kneading techniques, as well as light percussion style strokes with rhythmic sequences. This technique increases levels of oxygen in the blood, decreases muscle toxins, relieves muscle tension, and improves circulation and flexibility.

Swedish Massage is healing for your body, but also relaxing and energizing. Incorporating a Swedish massage into your weekly routine can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle by establishing healthy blood flow and overall rejuvenation.

Never experienced a massage before? This gentle style is perfect for a client’s first massage. Communicate with your massage therapist about what’s been bothering you and enjoy the easy and calming relief of a Swedish massage.


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